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Customer engagement strategies: How Wendy’s and McDonalds build relationships.

As a brand lover girl, I am always excited to see what they bring to the table. I am always seeing cool things and interesting customer engagement online and thought it would be interesting to compile them and maybe you too can be inspired by these strategies.

McDonalds got the SAUCE

Global fast food chains have the best strategies I have seen online. They know how to connect with their customers in relatable ways and they sure as hell know how to grab your attention. I have seen where these brands are not afraid to take risks and they do this in simple ways that will get people talking.

Recently , McDonald’s posted “I just got told a saucy secret, plz don’t text and ask me what it is” and I’m loving it!

I suspect it could be the launch of a new sauce, or maybe sauce hacks.. since it said sauce secrets. It’s in our human nature to do what we are told not to do 🌚 so I bet a lot potential customers have texted McDonald’s to find out what it is, this way they have loads of customer data coming in and they can gauge the interest before launch (genius)

Once you send them a text they gather data such as your timezone so they know when to send you broadcasts and they also encourage you to save the contact.. it’s not too stuck up or corporate it’s done from the SMMs perspective

To keep things going a bunch of brands responded to the tweet including SlimJim, Redbox, Wheat Thins, T-Mobile! And McDonalds responded to a few of them to keep the engagement going. Honestly, love to see it. You can check out the tweet by clicking here to see all the responses.

Here is what you can takeaway:

  1. Your customers are regular people. Meet them halfway and talk to them as you would a friend in a natural dialogue. This way customers will feel a little more connected to you and will convert naturally

  2. Engage with people and other brands. People love when brands talk to them, and they also like to see brands interacting with each other. Amplify your customer engagement strategy by responding to your customers in fun and simple ways.

  3. Revamp your sms marketing strategy. Tailor your sms copy so that it’s relatable and easy to understand. This will boost the engagement. You can also consider a line where customers can respond so that the text isn’t just coming from you as a brand.

Wendy’s is gonna ROAST your ass.

We all know the traditional ROAST that happens on Twitter. You basically respond to Wendy’s on National Roast day and they will literally tell you like it is. Over the years, many people look forward to this and the brand owns the space on this day and they don’t GAF.. they even come for babies 😂

This year, Wendy’s took the roast to Tik Tok (we stan a relevant queen) 💅 through the use of AI Wendy’s brought Wendy alive. The tradional queen in the logo was 3d rendered and given a voice. Meet her here

I have seen some comments where people are saying that Wendy has gotten soft, her roasts aren’t as brutal as before BUT I beg to differ because the Monster roast was a little funny to me check it out here. The only thing I am not particularly fond of is how commercialized it is, at the end of each roast, they have edited on an animation which takes away the authenticity for me. It would have also been cool if they made the face animation wearable so that the person who is the voice of Wendy could wear it (like a memeoji).. idk it just would seem a little more natural in my opinion especially given the nature of Tik Tok.

Here compilation of this hits that Wendy’s has put together for this year. You can also go on theirs TikTok page to see some of the roast and don’t forget to comment on this piece and tell me which one was your fave.

It’s a very great way to connect with people and humanize the brands. Here is what you can take away

  1. TikTok is a very natural and normal place.. you can exist without judgement, if things seem to ad like, customers won’t stop to watch (well only if it’s satire) but there is no reason to push your product into people’s faces on the platform, try a more natural approach

  2. Stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s great to try other platforms but make sure you do your research to see what works great on the platform before you try it

  3. Responding and talking to other brands in the space is great. This boosts your engagement and also exposes you to other customer bases from different brands.

Thanks for reading, comment below and let me know which brands you like to see in the space. Please also let me know if you want to see more content like this.

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