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Brand icks : Top 2 things to change about your brand in 2023

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

I have really been thinking about my brand “icks” as the gen z like to call it, and the list is honestly LONG!

💡An ick is basically an expression which is used to express a feeling of shock or dislike.

Lets get into it:

1. Poor Content Strategy: Beyond Graphics

In the ever-evolving landscape of brand communication, relying solely on graphic artwork as your primary content type on social media is a potential pitfall. With algorithms in a perpetual state of flux and consumer behaviors adapting to shorter attention spans, a static content mix is a recipe for obscurity.

Diversification is key. Explore a spectrum of content formats to capture and retain audience attention. From striking images and compelling videos to dynamic animations, immersive 3D renders, relatable gifs, and shareable memes—your content strategy should mirror the diversity of consumer preferences. Embrace the versatility of content to establish a more resonant connection with your audience.

2. Lack of Brand Strategy: The Identity Conundrum

Next on the list are brands navigating the treacherous waters without a well-defined brand strategy. Picture this: a brand unsure of its identity, wading through uncertainty like a ship without a compass.

At its core, a brand strategy is the architect of perception. It's the blueprint that sculpts how your brand is perceived in the minds of your customers. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about the emotions and connections you evoke.

Consider your brand strategy the bedrock of your identity. Without a clear foundation, both you and your customers are left in a state of confusion. Establishing a robust brand strategy is akin to giving your brand a compass—ensuring direction and purpose in a sea of choices.


📣Try exploring other content types for your audience. Once you identify the objective of your content piece it should be pretty easy. You don’t have to always slap it on a static graphic design.

📣Your brand needs a strategy, but first you need to figure out what your objectives are and what your brand is REALLY about.

Stick around for part two where we will look at how you can improve your content strategy (content tips, tricks, hacks) as well as how you can develop your brand guide (easy to follow templates and hacks).

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